We feel that providing optimal healthcare depends on a strong doctor-patient relationship. We will strive to build that relationship by partnering with you in a caring environment that helps you achieve your best possible health. We believe  we can provide the best  guidance, education, encouragement, diagnosis and treatment for you  to reach that goal.

We believe every encounter with the healthcare profession should be one in which you feel truly valued and cared about at every step, from reception to the exam room. We feel every patient deserves to have all of their questions answered, and concerns addressed at every visit. We think patients should feel comfortable bringing up any health problem they may have to their physician, and to know that we will always try our very best to solve that problem.

We place great value on continuity of care, and will make every effort to make sure every patient gets to see or speak to his or her own personal physician, the doctor who knows them best. We really value the relationships we have built with our patients over the years, and truly feel that being a family doctor in a small town is simply the best job in the world!  Central Coast Medical Group gives us the opportunity to do the very best we can for our patients.

September 2021
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